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500 Cash Loans:
Small Loans for Bad Credit

No Hard Credit Check. Instant Decision.

Even if you’re trying your best to foresee unforeseen, urgent money needs can arise at any time. Whether you need emergency cash for car repairs, utility payments, or medical bills, borrowing money can become the only available option to overcome financial emergencies. Unfortunately, people with poor credit scores usually face some problems while trying to get urgent cash from traditional lenders. Sometimes it may be a challenge to get a personal loan if a borrower has issues repaying his previous debt. Thus, a person with a poor credit score doesn’t get financial assistance. He keeps accumulating debt, which leads to stress and a further negative impact on his credit history.

But that’s not your way anymore. In 500 Cash Loans, we stand for equal credit opportunities and offer online loans for bad credit to help people with any credit and income range consolidate debt or cover unexpected expenses.

Quick Loans For Bad Credit

What Is a Bad Credit Payday Loan?

An online payday loan for bad credit refers to instant loans available for borrowers with all types of credit scores. It is usually easy to get without wasting time and gathering documents, and there are just a few requirements you should meet to be approved. Such loans are considered to be the best short-term solution to solve your financial problems. The maximum amount you can borrow is limited. It can be from $50 to $1000, depending on your state regulation and the direct lender you choose.

The repayment period is usually short and typically set by your next paycheck. However, you can also apply for online installment loans for bad credit and repay the money in three months in equal monthly payments. You can always choose the loan program that suits you most to avoid overwhelming financial stress.

We’re here to connect you with one of our bad credit lenders and help you find a loan product that suits your current needs.

How Does a Cash Advance No Credit Check Work?

Cash Advance No Credit

The mechanism is pretty simple. Your first step toward getting a payday loan for bad credit is an application. The whole process can be completed online, which is very convenient when you need some instant money. All you should do is fill out and submit our simple form and wait a few minutes while we share your application with our huge base of online lenders.

It usually takes about 10 minutes to check the information and make a loan decision. Once one of our direct lenders approves your request, you will get a loan offer by email. After you get a loan contract, read the conditions carefully and make sure that interest rates, payment schedule details, and other circumstances are good for you. If you are ready to accept offered terms, you must sign a loan agreement.

Once signed, the lender will transfer money directly to your bank account as early as the next working day. If you need same-day funding, you must apply on the morning of the business day. In this case, you will get a payday loan by the end of the same day.

The last step is repaying the loan on the due date. Terms are usually short and generally set from 3 to 31 days. That means you must turn back the loan amount plus fees in one payment from your next paycheck. The repayment period also can be set up to three months if you apply for an online installment loan. The lender usually withdraws money from your checking account automatically, so you don’t need to take any additional actions.Apply now from the comfort of your home and get the amount you need as early as the next business day or even sooner! We’re also happy to see you in one of our offline stores.

Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit vs. Personal Loans

Both bad credit payday loans and traditional loans have their pros and cons. Before applying, you should decide what type of financing suits you more in the current situation. There are a few main criteria that allow us to compare these two loan products:

Loan Terms
Bad credit payday loans are usually short-term loans with repayment periods from 3 to 31 days. Borrowers must repay them in one lump sum by the next payday. Unlike a payday loan, a personal installment loan typically has flexible terms from 24 to 60 months. In this case, borrowers must repay a loan in fixed monthly payments. The loan amount plus charges and fees are divided equally between the number of months the borrower choose;

Loan Amount
Cash advance loans offer limited loan amounts that usually don’t exceed $1,000. It is provided to make it easier to repay the money in a short time. A personal loan typically allows to borrow up to $100,000, which makes it a good long-term solution;

Maximum annual percentage rate
Emergency loans for bad credit always have higher rates and charges. The APR may reach almost 400 percent, which is pretty high. By comparison, an interest rate on a personal loan is usually set from 12 to 30 percent;

Credit History and Income Requirements
If you apply for a payday loan with bad credit, you don’t have to worry about being rejected due to your credit score. Moreover, your application doesn’t affect it because a payday lender provides only a soft credit check. That means that your direct lender will not give access to your data to major credit bureaus. You’re always welcome to apply and solve your financial difficulties if you can verify your source of income. Unlike payday lenders, traditional lenders always pay attention to your credit report. If you want to get a loan from a bank or a credit union, be ready that they may reject your application if you have a bad credit score. As they always share your account details with the three main credit bureaus, it will lower your credit score by a few points;

Loan Approval Rate
It usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes to approve a bad credit payday loan, while it may take about a week for a traditional loan application approval.

If you decide to apply for a traditional loan, be ready that you will need some time to gather all the required documents. The list is usually quite long and includes your rental agreement, utility bills, proof of insurance for your property, etc. A bad credit loan has no such strong document requirements. All you need is proof of your identity and your income verification.

That is why personal loans are a good long-term financial solution if you need a huge amount to achieve a big financial goal. However, online payday loans will suit you more if you need to borrow money without time wasted to cover your unexpected expenses. They are also easier to get if you have a bad credit score.

What Are The Reasons for Getting Bad Credit Payday Loans?

A bad credit payday loan is a good option for some urgent money needs. As it is fast and easy to get, it can help you overcome financial emergencies and avoid stress. The most common reasons for applying for bad credit cash advances are:

Car breakdowns

Paying utilities

Medical bills debt

Credit card payments

Bad credit payday loans are good as a short-term solution if you need to get the fast cash you can spend for any purpose. Customers usually take them to solve their unexpected financial problems without affecting their credit scores. As payday lenders usually pay attention only to your income, payday loans are also good loan options for people with credit difficulties. 500 Cash Loans are always ready to offer you the best products on the market and help you overcome your financial difficulties.

What Is The Real Cost of Payday Loans Bad Credit?

Payday loan costs include not only the initial amount that the lender deposits into your account. It also consists of interest rates, origination fees, and other charges provided by the conditions of your loan agreement. So, a loan cost is a whole amount you must repay to the lender on the due date. Usually, loan fees are set from $10 to $30 for every $100 borrowed, depending on the state and the lender.

If you borrow $200, the total amount you must repay to the lender may come to $260.

Benefits of Getting Loans Online for Bad Credit

Instant payday loans online guaranteed approval can help you with beating financial difficulties regardless of your credit score range. The main advantages of a payday loan for bad credit are:

No minimum credit score requirements

As we stand for equal credit opportunities, you are welcome to apply with any type of credit. Payday loans for bad credit exist to help people solve their financial problems, not to create new ones. Direct lenders usually look only at your income and provide soft credit checks. You don’t have to worry about your credit score becoming lower or your loan request being rejected because of the information from your credit report;

Fast approval

It usually takes about 10 minutes to get a guaranteed loan decision. Whether it is a positive or negative answer, the lender will inform you by email;

Convenient application process

You can apply for an emergency loan from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes. Once you fill out and submit our loan request form, you will take the main step toward getting the money;

Instant Money Transfer

After getting loan approval and signing your loan agreement, the lender will deposit money into your active bank account as early as the next working day. You can get a payday loan even sooner if you apply on the morning of a business day.

Alternatives of Bad Credit Payday Loans

If you don’t consider an online short-term loan with bad credit but still have urgent money needs, there are some alternative loan options for you:

Installment loans
These loans have conditions similar to payday loans but offer a longer repayment period. You can repay the money in fixed equal installments, which is usually more comfortable when we talk about higher amounts. You can borrow up to $5,000 and turn the money back within 24 months. The downside is in a big overpayment, as an APR is still higher compared with a personal loan;

Secured loans
Secured loans are personal loans that use some of your property as collateral. Banks usually offer these loans to borrowers with bad credit. They have repayment periods of up to 60 months and a maximum loan amount of $100,000. However, the document requirements are still strong, and traditional lenders provide hard credit checks that lower your credit score. If you need an emergency loan, this option is probably not the one that suits you. It may take about a week till you get a loan decision;

Loans from a Credit Union
You may also apply for a loan from a not-for-profit financial institution according to your location or a place of work. They usually offer competitive rates but also provide hard credit checks. Typically, you can only apply if you are a credit union member with an active checking account.

If these options don’t suit your current needs and opportunities, contact us to find the financial solution that meets your interests.

Can I Apply for Loans for Bad Credit Online?

Most services now offer 100% online application to make the process fast and convenient. If you don’t want to waste your time or have no opportunity to visit our store, you can always fill out our loan request form without leaving your home.

What Are Requirements for Small Payday Loans Online No Credit Check?

Each lender has its own requirements that can vary from state to state. Commonly, you must be an adult and provide the lender with your personal and banking data. Your source of income is also the point that matters. Your ability to repay the loan is important for lenders. So, as the requirements are simple, it is usually easy to get emergency loans even with a bad credit score.

To be approved for an online payday loan, you must:

Reach at least the age of 18;

Be a permanent resident of the USA;

Have an ID;

Verify your income;

Have an active bank account, email address, and mobile phone number.

How To Apply For Bad Credit Loans?

Applying for a bad credit loan never was so easy! Fill out the application form in our office now and get the money by the end of the next business day. Just a few minutes separate you from getting the financial assistance you need.


What Payday Loans Accept Bad Credit?

Most online payday lenders accept applications from borrowers with poor credit. As we work with a huge base of direct lenders, we will definitely find an online payday loan for you.

Are Same Day Loans No Credit Checks Easy To Get?

Yes, they are. The requirements you must meet to apply are simple. These loan products are fast and affordable options for borrowers with any credit.

Can I Get No Credit Check Loans Same Day?

Typically, the lender deposits the money in your bank account as soon as the next working day. If you need to get the money by the end of the same day, you must apply on the morning of the business day.

What Do I Need To Apply For Payday Loans Online No Credit Check Instant Approval?

The application can be completed online. To apply for a loan with bad credit, you should submit our simple online form and provide the lender with your personal data and banking details. You also need income verification.

Can I Pay Off Payday Loans Online Bad Credit Sooner?

It depends on the conditions of your loan agreement. Some direct lenders may allow borrowers to repay their loans earlier. However, many of them will charge prepayment penalties as well as late payment fees. Therefore, you should read your loan contract carefully before paying off your loan early to avoid unexpected charges.